Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder was formerly known as manic depression and is a mental condition which affects your moods. People who experience having bi-polar disorder are often seen swinging from one extreme to another without a moments notice.

Those who experience bipolar disorder have long periods or episodes of:

  • mania – feeling very high and overactive (less severe mania is known as hypomania)
  • depression – feeling very low and lethargic

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can depend on which side of the mood spectrum you’re experiencing. Unlike simple mood swings, each extreme episode of bipolar disorder can last for several weeks (or even longer), and some people may not experience a “normal” mood very often.


You may initially experience clinical depression before having a future manic episode (sometimes years later), after which you may be diagnosed with bipolar disorder if no improvement to the symptoms are shown.

During an episode of depression, you may be overwhelmed emotionally by feelings of worthlessness which can potentially lead to thoughts of suicide.


The other side of the spectrum of Bipolar disorder is manic depression. This is categorised by feeling very happy and having lots of energy which may lead to having ambitious plans and ideas. When in this state of mind you may spend large, exorbitant amounts of money on things you can’t really afford and wouldn’t normally want.

It is common that sufferers of Manic bipolar disorder may feel like not eating or sleeping. They may also begin to talk very quickly and become annoyed easily if challenged. If you experience Manic bipolar disorder you may also feel very creative and view the manic phase of bipolar as a positive experience. However, the darker side of this disorder is that you may also experience symptoms of psychosis, where you see or hear things that aren’t there or become convinced of things that aren’t true.

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