Lymph Node Immunity Cleanser


Immune & Lymph – Improve the Immune System and Lymphatic System.

Main Uses:   

  • To Strengthen the immune system.
  • To help with Cleansing the lymph glands and nodes.
  • To Cleanse build-up of mucus and inflammation from the Lymph nodes and lymph fluids
  • To replenish phytonutrients necessary to build healthy blood for a strong immune system
  • to aid in the stimulation of the immune system.


  1. Improve immune response.
  2. Strengthen the immune system (white blood cell).
  3. Protect the white blood cells.
  4. Increase the mineral and oxygen content of the lymph fluid.
  5. Cleanse lymph glands and nodes
  6. Fights free radicals.
  7. It is also a mild blood cleanser.
  8. Aids in the prevention of ulcers.
  9. Kills fungi/candida
  10. Increase perspiration
  11. Prevents lymph cell calcification.
  12. Boost your mineral levels


  • Cats’s Claw
  • Bellaco – Caspi
  • Mushroom
  • sarsaparilla

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90 Capsule