Inflammo – Arthritis Rheumatism Pain Inflammation & Skin Rashes Liquid 50ml


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Inflammo Liquid – Relieves Pain and Stiffness in the joints.

Main Uses:   

  • To treat arthritis and rheumatism.
  • As a muscle relaxant
  • Relieves joint pain and helps to calm nerves and steady any shaking.
  • As a general analgesic (pain-reliever) headaches, muscles, joints, body aches.
  • An anti-inflammatory and pain reliever for all pain.
  • Improve your joints by removing any pains or loosening any stiff joints.
  • As a general tonic (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions) 
  • As a mild immune stimulant
  • As an aphrodisiac for loss of libido (male and female)


    1. Relieves the entire body of pain and stiffness in the joints,
    2. Relieves pain
    3. Anti-inflammatory
    4. Anti-arthritic
    5. Anti-rheumatic
    6. Relaxes muscles 
    7. Supports adrenals
    8. Diuretic
    9. Remineralize the body during cleansing


  • Chuchuhuasi Bark
  • Bobinsana
  • Double Wiss
  • Raw Moon Bark
  • Jamaican Dogwood
  • Catuaba Bark

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