Yoni Steam & Uterine Oil 60g


The blend ensures vaginal health and balance, minimizing the risk of infections and discomfort.

Alleviating pelvic discomfort and inflammation contributes to overall well-being and comfort.

Supporting reproductive health and hormonal balance is crucial for women’s health at different life stages.

Enhancing circulation and healing in the pelvic region promotes reproductive wellness.

Nurturing uterine health can lead to improved menstrual health and reduced symptoms.

Facilitating relaxation and stress relief promotes mental and emotional well-being.

Application: YONI STEAMING: mix 2-3 tbsp of the herb in a pot of freshly boiled water (approx. 1-2L). Add 3 drops of oil, when steam is at a comfortable temperature, sit over the pot for around 20 mins allowing the steam to enter the vaginal canal.

TEA: infuse 1 tbsp of herb per cup of boiled water and brew for up to 10 mins, depending on taste. If desired add honey or any natural sweetener.

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