Echinace Herb Powder 100g


  • Echinacea has been shown to improve immunity, blood sugar, anxiety, inflammation, and skin health. It may even have anti-cancer properties. It is most effective when taken at the onset of a cold, sinus, gum inflammation, or other infection symptoms.
  • Echinacea has a numbing sensation that relieves the pain of cold sores and offers protection against herpes simplex viruses. Echinacea acts against Candida albicans, the microorganism that causes most yeast infections.

Preparation Method: powder can be mixed in a smoothie, or hot water, sprinkled on food or encapsulated.

Take 1/2 Tsp per day, and in severe cases, 1/2  Tsp twice daily. Drink, on average, 1-2 litres of water daily.

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